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We are a Christian based fun-loving family business here to show you just what you have always wanted but did not receive! Results are just a visit away from our customer-oriented local gym. Whether you are goal driven or just wanting to maintain, we welcome both experienced gym members, those who want to just workout in their own space, and those who need some supervised help setting and meeting goals. Come join our Pro Fitness family and become a part of something great.

Ben Christian


Excerpt from Campus Live Magazine.

Lubbock local, Ben Christian, stopped his dream of baseball to help others pursue their dreams of ideal and healthy weight. His gym, Pro Fitness, has been open for over four years, and Christian said he only expects more for the future.

Growing up in Lubbock, Christian said he loved being involved in sports, especially baseball and football. With being in Lubbock, he stated Tech was a big part of his life.

“Texas Tech has always hit home with me.” he said.

After attending Frenship High School he continued playing baseball in college. Christian explained that there were so many health and fitness tips that he did not learn until later in college. Although it was beneficial. he said he kept thinking about how that knowledge could help other people. With huge passion in fitness, Christian explained he wanted to continue that love and become a personal trainer.

“In deciding to open up a gym, I figured I could work on helping people to get them on the right track on what they want to do in their fitness journey.” Christian said.

When opening Pro Fitness, the gym was around 5,500 sq. feet. Now after four years since the opening, Christian said they have expanded each way to maximize the space available in the warehouse. The gym now sits on 8,000 sq. feet. “We started small and just went from there.” he said. “I think it’s only a matter of time before we try to do something on a larger scale where we can help more people.”

As being part of the Lubbock and Tech community for so long. Christian described the gym as appealing to college students, based on what they offer. As some student feel more comfortable at Pro Fitness than at the campus recreation center, Christian said the gym allows the same quality of equipment while not having the wait times experienced at other gyms.

“With being a smaller gym, everybody gets to know each other, so it’s kind of a place to hang out and get a good workout in.” he said.

— Ben Christian

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